An immersive journey to come home to yourself,
embody your inner WILD WOMAN &
reclaim the FREEDOM to be unapologetically YOU.

Dear woman, tell me,

Who would you be?

if you would strip away your ‘should’s’ and ‘have-to’s’?

if you would stop striving to be someone you’re not meant to be?

if you didn’t feel like you have to be better, smarter, more beautiful, inspiring or whatever ‘more’,

before you start to live life full out and share yourself (and your gifts) with the world?

If you felt FREE to JUST BE YOU?

Do you feel trapped inside yourself?

Deep down you KNOW you’ve been playing small waaayyy too long.

You know just how frustrating, tiring and uninspiring it is to HOLD BACK your LIFE FORCE and joy.

To wake up every morning with the nagging sense that there is so much more to life, so much more inside of YOU that is not seeing the light of day. 

Yet you feel stuck to let it all out. 

Might this be because?

Look, we are all afraid at times. 

Of course we struggle at moments.

I know I do. There’s no shame in that. 

Our fears can serve us well and keep us safe.

But you know what? Safe only goes so far.

When it’s stopping you from saying YES to you and YES to life,

it might be time to try something new.

There is a more natural, embodied, aligned and alive version of you that is just DYING to come out and play.

She's yours to claim!

Wild Woman Unleashed
is your invitation step into the fullness of YOU

Explore the connection to your true nature as a woman.

Drop into the deep intuitive wisdom of your body.

Embrace & embody all parts of yourself.

Bring your light out into the world.


Authentic Expression








Light & Darkness

Glorious Mess





Your Yes and Your No



“Whenever Els puts something together, it is always spot on. I’ve witnessed this many times. Both as a participant and behind the scenes, when I was assisting her 8 week course. Seldom did I see such authenticity, willingness, dedication, expertise and ability to look at one’s own process and projections. She walks her talk like no other. And she’s got an amazing sense of humor.

I feel blessed to have a woman like her in my life. Thank you Els, for who you are and how you live & lead, for inspiring me again and again.

Ladies, if you are on the fence…..JUST DO IT! Do not hesitate for a second. And ENJOY all that it will undoubtedly bring you.”

(Stephanie Walckiers, Sint-Niklaas, Belgium)

About the WILD WOMAN archetype

The wild woman understands that she doesn’t have to become someone else to be loved, that she is perfect just the way she is. She’s in touch with her vulnerability.

Being closely linked to nature and her cycle, she knows exactly what is good for her and what isn’t. She stays true to who she is, what she wants, and knows exactly how to take care of herself and her boundaries.

Her raw authentic expression is more important than what others think of her. The wild woman won’t hold back.

She is a full YES to herself. She knows how to make love to life and is not afraid to flirt with the darkness inside either.

She claims her body and her pleasure. She allows herself to be guided by her inner knowing and her wild instincts.

She deeply trusts herself and knows the Universe always has her back. Her creative expressions are sacred to her. Her life force runs free. She’s got a natural radiance and attractiveness to her, even when she shows herself in her raw unadulterated power.

About me.

Hi love, I’m Els, now 43.

For a large part of my life I was struggling with self-rejection, depression and feeling that I was just not ‘enough’.

Even though I felt so stuck inside myself and was dying to break free, I would STILL hold myself and my LIFE FORCE back, out of FEAR OF REJECTION.

I was experiencing a constant inner pressure to be and do ‘more’, get things right, be perfect, make sure everybody was happy with me.

I was completely OUT OF TOUCH with what I wanted and needed. I had lost connection to my creativity, my power, my playfullness, my enjoyment of life and my sensuality.

By inviting the Wild Woman into my life, my self-confidence and self-appreciation started growing.

It became easier to let go of the masks I’m hiding behind and show the real me to the people I love and to the world.

Now I’m practicing everyday to tap into my inner power and consciously create the life I want to be leading. 

I’m letting go of the shame and the guilt of the past, and allow myself more and more to really enjoy life and embrace my pleasure.

Life is good with the Wild Woman by my side. She’s my ticket to freedom. And I’m not letting her go anymore!

Hi Els,

I wanted to thank you again for the most precious gift I could ever receive, the feeling of being FREE. Free to be myself, without judgment and welcome with all of my feelings and emotions.

I feel like a hummingbird that gets to fly out for the first time to all the most beautiful spots in the world to find the most beautiful flowers to enjoy. It’s so exciting.

The way you showed yourself vulnerably to all of us, really impacted me. Such a warm and tender feeling. Thank you so much.

(Viki L. from Wijnegem, Belgium)

The Journey

The archetypal wisdom and energy of the wild woman is innate in every woman’s subconscious and can be accessed by dropping into to the deep intuitive wisdom of our body and by listening to our souls whispers. 

Daring to show ourselves courageously and being witnessed in our expression by other women in a strong container, can be an incredibly powerful and healing experience!

During this journey we will explore the energy of the Wild Woman, and how to embody her in everyday life, as well as her relationship to other feminine archetypes like the Maiden, the Mystic, the Sacred Slut, the Mother and the Queen, according to the needs of the group.

We will meet 8 times online (2,5 hour calls) during the program to explore and co-create together.

During these calls:

→ We will 

move, dance, express,

meditate, ritualize and alchemize,

to empower ourselves and create art out of what we discover in our rich inner landscapes.

→ We will also

connect, share, reveal,

receive and celebrate each other, 

to co-create a sacred place where we can come home to ourselves.

Between the calls you have the opportunity to :

→ deepen your journey with weekly homeplay (further embodiment practices, journal & share, extra video’s from me).

→ connect with the other women and get my support in a private fb group.

→ ask all of your questions in multiple Q&A Facebook livestreams I will be holding.

I want this journey to be a real practice ground for all of us to show up for ourselves and to show ourselves in our true expression, in whatever is real and alive for us in the moment.

There is off course no requirement to do so. 

And, the more you put in, the more you will get out of the program.  

If you are very new to this type of work, and/or feel a lot of resistance to moving, dancing, revealing yourself, this journey might not be for you. In case of doubt, contact me personally and we will connect on it to see if it is a fit. Email me at

Dear Els, I’m amazed at how deeply you can be present with me whenever I touch upon something really vulnerable inside myself. And how transforming that feels. You find exactly the right question at the right moment. Or you may say nothing at all, but hold space for me in such a special way. What I also love about you is your soft vulnerability, that you share so openly, so real and authentically. It inspires me and makes me feel safe with you.

(Bene. H. from Brussels)

Practical Details

–> start: tbd

–> 8 live calls via Zoom from 19:00- 21:30 CET on Monday & Thursday

–> weekly homeplay

–> private FB group for support

–> your questions answered in Q&A livestreams

–>intimate group with max. 12 participants


coming soon

ATTENDANCE IN THE FIRST CALL IS MANDATORY to be able to participate in the rest of the course.


First 6 tickets: 199 euro 

Tickets 7 to 12: 247 euro

Are you ready to claim your RIGHT TO BE & become the boldest expression of
who you are?