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Who is the wild woman and why would you want her in your life?

The most powerful way of living your life full out, to feel alive and aligned,

is to dare to BE YOURSELF and SHOW YOURSELF all the way.

Not needing to hold back your LIFE FORE or EROS

(think of your creativity, free expression, spontaneity, playfullness, power, love, wildness, sensuality and your pleasure)

out of fear of rejection,

out of fear of not being enough,

out of fear of hurting another.

A woman who is really in touch with her authenticity and her vulnerability,

who really knows who she is, what she wants and what she stands for,

who really values and embraces all sides of herself,

who doesn’t apologize for herself and follows her truth with ease,

who is deeply rooted within,

THAT woman embodies the wild woman.

The Wild Woman is the AUTHENTIC woman. The FREE woman.

She is magnetic, radiant and has an undeniable juicy-ness about her.

She is free in who she is. Free to dance, sing, speak, express, make love, create, relate, set boundaries, enjoy life, embrace her pleasure in any way she pleases.

She is not dependent on outside approval, nor does she allow herself to be influenced by outside viewpoints to the extent where she looses track of her own truth and integrity.

She allows herself to be guided by the deep intuitive wisdom of her body and the divine wisdom of her soul.

The Wild Woman is a full YES to all of herself and all of life. She takes her space and CLAIMS life, CLAIMS her right to be, CLAIMS her pleasure.

It is THE most important archetypical energy to embrace and source from if you desire to OWN your life and be the boldest expression of who you are.

What are we going to do?

During these 5 days you will get familiar with different aspects of the Wild Woman. You’ll get to practice tapping into her energy, so can then continue to source from her in your daily life.

Every morning during 5 days (17th-21st June) you will receive an email in your inbox with:

–> an inspirational video

–>  simple sensual embodiment/movement/dance practice

–> amazing wild woman music in a Spotify playlist.

You then get your booty on the dance floor (aka your living room or anywhere else you feel comfortable) and get into it!

You’re welcome to share about your experience in the Wild Woman Unleashed Facebook group, be witnessed and get support. For the daring ones amongst you, you are invited to share a video of yourself doing the practice! Yes baby!

You also get to ask all of your questions, I will go live in the Facebook group to answer them.

Are you ready to be the boldest expression of who you are? Let's go!

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