Dare to be YOU

Shine Your Light Like You Mean It!

Dear Woman

Do you have that nagging sense that so much more is possible for your life? That there’s so much MORE INSIDE of you that wants to come out and be EXPRESSED?

You long to feel FREE and confident to just BE who you REALLY are, unapologetically.

To share your love, gifts and message with the world and SHINE YOUR LIGHT.

But SELF-DOUBT, FEAR OF REJECTION, TOXIC SELF-CRITICISM and OVERWHELM often times have a stranglehold on you, so you keep hiding safely under the radar.

My question to you: Are you ready to re-align to your inner power and start saying 

YES TO YOU? Yes to your heart’s and soul’s desires? 

If so, good thing you landed on my website!

Welcome gorgeous

I’m Els Cardinaels, and I’m here to

support and inspire courageous women 

(like YOU!) 

to step into their own ENOUGH-NESS, 

embrace their GREATNESS,

and unleash their WILDNESS,

so you can stop waisting precious energy on 



start SHINING as the woman 

you were always meant to be.

I believe that when you

–> dare to be yourself authentically,

–> follow your highest alignment & joy

–> surrender to your soul’s purpose,

you will not only create a life that truly EXCITES and IGNITES YOU,

but that is of SERVICE to everyone else.

Listen love,

I’ll be honest with you. 

I know what it is like to feel stuck, frustrated, disconnected and uninspired. 

I know EXACTLY what it feels like to lose yourself in perfecting and people-pleasing. 

To have those moments when you feel like the emotional baggage of the past is going to weigh you down forever. Like you will never be enough or lovable.

I know the despair, depression and loneliness that come with loosing hope that things will ever change. 

I’ve been to dark places in my life many, many times.

BUT! Through it all, I could also ALWAYS feel the immense power and light inside of me, that wanted to break free and LIVE, and I know you can feel it too.

About 12 years ago I hopped on the inner growth wagon for what turned out and continues to be the most incredible ride of my life. 

Via vulnerable sharings, one-on-one & group support, and my Dare to be YOU – community on Facebook,

I’m offering you the roadmap I put together along the way, and the benefit of my company, if you decide to come along for the journey.

Life is calling you to show up.

AS. YOU. ARE. Not perfect.

But beautiful and powerful just the same.

It’s about time you listen!

What if

you truly believed in yourself and the value what you have to bring?

you would free yourself of your ‘shoulds’?

you would let it all out and unleashed the fullness of you?

you embraced your full potential and lived a life of no regret?

you finally answered the divine calling on your life?

you let LOVE back in and rule your life?

you deeply trusted the Universe always has your back?

you created a life beyond anything you ever imagined possible?

What if you no longer held back?

You have a wild, badass, powerful, divine & gloriously messed-up woman inside of you.

And she’s dying to come out. 


This world needs you to be YOU and SHINE YOUR LIGHT.

All. The. Way. Babe.

Are you ready?

Then come join my Dare to be YOU – tribe on FB (ladies only)

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